What Is N-Key Rollover? The keyboard feature explained Reviews

N-Key Rollover (often referred to as NKRO) is a common keyboard feature on mechanical keyboards and laptop keyboards alike.

We’re going to be running through what N-Key Rollover is and how it may have an effect on which keyboard you purchase next.

What is N-Key Rollover?

A keyboard that has N-Key Rollover is capable of scanning each button you press individually, meaning that multiple inputs are accepted at the same time even if you’re pressing keys simultaneously.

N-Key Rollover keyboards are popular within the gaming community, as most PC games played with a keyboard will require players to press multiple keys at once to interact with the world around them.

There are limits to N-Key Rollover keyboards, with some models having the “N” in N-Key Rollover replaced by a number, such as 6, which would mean that six keys can be pressed at the same time and still be recognised.

Razer Black Widow Keyboard

What types of N-Key Rollover keyboards are there?

There are various types of N-Key Rollover keyboards that support different amounts of inputs at the same time. This can range from a 2-Key Rollover to unlimited coverage, with the latter being more useful for gamers. We have listed the options for NKRO keyboards below.

  • 2KRO (2-Key Rollover)
  • 6KRO (6-Key Rollover)
  • 10KRO (10-Key Rollover)
  • 14KRO (14-Key Rollover)
  • NKRO (full N-Key Rollover)

Which keyboards feature N-Key Rollover?

Most keyboards will feature some sort of Key Rollover functionality, whether that be on the lower end at 2KRO or full coverage. To test out which keyboards do have NKRO, you can simply press the keys down at the same time to see how many inputs are recognised at once.

Previously, N-Key Rollover keyboards were only possible by connecting the keyboard to the PC via a PS/2 connector. This is a lot less common, although can still be achieved with some keyboards by using a connector.