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Elon Musk’s decision to fire everyone thousands of employees and operate Twitter with an engineers, the work experience lad, and the office cat continues to go swimmingly.

The social network appeared to be rather borked on Monday afternoon with links and images broken, while the company’s Tweetdeck client was also out of action.

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Those attempting to click links received an error message informing them: “Your current API plan does not include access to this endpoint,” before guiding them to Twitter’s developer site for more information.

During the issues, the company’s own trending topics were dominated by the outage, including Twitter API, #TwitterDown, Since Twitter, The API, Twitter HQ, and Oh Twitter.

“Some parts of Twitter may not be working as expected right now. We made an internal change that had some unintended consequences,” the Twitter support account wrote. “We’re working on this now and will share an update when it’s fixed.”

The issues didn’t seem to last too long, with services up and running again by 6:00pm UK time on Monday.

The outages and random breakages are becoming commonplace in the new era at Twitter following the departures of thousands of staff deemed surplus to requirements by the CEO following his decision to purchase the company last year. Just last week, he canned another 200.

On Friday, many users woke up to completely empty timelines, while in February users were informed they’d exceeded their limit, whatever that was supposed to mean. There was also the time Musk got upset about a tweet from he President of the United States receiving more engagement, prompting a change that meant many users only seeing his tweets.