The new, free Outlook for macOS proves the Mac vs PC wars are over Reviews

Microsoft has launched a new version of its Outlook email client for Mac users with two major perks: Firstly, it’s now free. Secondly, it’s optimised for Apple Silicon users.

The macOS version of the Outlook app had been tied to a Microsoft 365 subscription so it’s great to hear Microsoft is dropping the paywall, while making sure the app functions more efficiently on the new M-Series processors.

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Until now Microsoft has offered a free Outlook app for iOS so this completes the circle somewhat, with the software giant promising a “consistent, reliable, and powerful experience that brings the best-in-class experience of Outlook into the Apple ecosystem that so many love.”

The client isn’t just for Microsoft’s own accounts (formerly Hotmail), it’s also a capable client for third-party email services like Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo! or IMAP accounts.

Beyond that, Microsoft is promising deeper integration with the macOS system, including a spot in the Menu bar, Notifications Centre and support for Apple’s Handoff feature that enables tasks to be started on an iPhone and completed on a Mac (or vice versa). There’s also integration with the Focus productivity tool, that’ll enable users to customise when they receive work emails.

“With Outlook, you’ll get a modern and beautiful user interface that has been designed and optimised for macOS. And these enhancements go far beyond surface level. The new Outlook is optimised for Apple Silicon, with snappy performance and faster sync speeds than previous versions,” Microsoft writes in a blog post.

“Outlook for Mac does more to integrate into the Apple platform so that you get the most from your macOS device. To help you stay on top of your email and calendar while using other apps, you can view your agenda using a widget and see reminders in the Notification Center. We are also creating a peek of upcoming calendar events in the Menu Bar (coming soon).”

You can download the new Outlook for Mac from the Apple App Store today.