Spotify revamp looks like TikTok, but we’d just like HiFi music now please Reviews

Spotify has revealed a brand new social media-esque look for the app and added a host of new features, but unfortunately the Spotify HiFi service announced two years ago is nowhere to be seen.

The Stream On event saw the company debut a big revamp of its main app, but there was no sign of the hi-res tier, which was announced more than two years ago. There was loads about podcasts though.

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The Music tab will now be headlined by a new Preview section showing a TikTok-like section of curated content with animated song canvasses, for you to engage with or tap through. It’ll show singles, albums and playlists.

Spotify says this “will give you a peak into the artist’s creative world” with the streaming giant also proclaiming “more listeners become committed fans after previewing what they’re about to listen to.”

The DJ feature (which is only for the US and Canada right now) will also appear within the new tab. There’ll also be new Countdown pages for new content, where artists can build anticipation for new releases.

Spotify is also adding a new Smart Shuffle button that will add recommended songs to “breathe new life into carefully curated playlists”. Songs that have been recommended will be noted by a sparkle within the shuffle icon and preferred songs can be easily stored within the playlist. Smart Shuffle replaces the similar Enhance feature.

Updates are also coming to podcasts and shows tab, including those automatically generated audio and video (where available) previews, accompanied by real-time text transcriptions. As for audiobooks, users will see recommendations with previews lasting up to 5-minutes long.

Spotify closes out its blog by giving us some tips on how to interact with previewed content.

After previewing, you can:
– Save, download, or share with just one tap: Simply tap the Plus (+) icon to save your recommendations to Your Episodes or Your Library. Then, download or queue by tapping the three dots at the bottom of the preview.
– Play from the start: Press Play to listen to a track, album, playlist, or episode from the start. For podcasts, tap “continue listening” to play the rest of the preview from where it began.
– Dive even deeper: Tapping a recommendation will take you to the playlist, album, or single to explore even more related audio.

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