Remarkable Type Folio keyboard adds typing to the digital paper package Reviews

Norwegian startup Remarkable has announced the Remarkable Type Folio, a super-thin mechanical keyboard for its brilliant Remarkable 2 digital notepad.

The Type Folio looks an performs much like an iPad keyboard case, attaching to the Remarkable 2 with magnets and essentially turning it into a compact laptop – at least in terms of form factor.

There’s no pairing or charging required, and the keyboard opens to two fixed positions. One is a traditional laptop-like typing position, while the other is closer to flat, enabling you to combine typing with scrawling on that beautiful paper-like display.

Key to the Type Folio’s success, we suspect, will be how intuitively handwritten text anchors to typed text. We’ll be testing this out for ourselves, so stay tuned.

The keyboard itself features full-sized mechanical keys with 1.3mm of travel, which Remarkable claims is more than many popular laptops.

This is the first time typing has been added as a possibility to the Remarkable range, and it expands the device’s very limited functionality (hand-written notes and sketches) to a full-on long-form writing tool.

The idea here is to enable “focused typing” for those writing tasks that need you to block out the distractions of email, social media, and countless other notification dings associated with laptop ownership. Remarkable refers to it as being “like a precisely crafted typewriter given digital powers”.

Those “digital powers” come in the form of Remarkable’s mobile and desktop apps. With all of your notes synced to the cloud you can carry your note taking across devices, choosing to sketch out ideas using the Marker Plus stylus, jot down additional thoughts on your phone, and now flesh out your plans using the Type Folio keyboard.

The Remarkable Type Folio is available to order now from for $199/€199. If you had an active Connect subscription as of March 6, you’ll be eligible for a discount.

There are two artificial leather finishes: Ink Black and Sepia Brown.