Popular shopping app caught spying on users’ copy-and-paste activity — do you have it on your phone? Reviews

Shein app

Microsoft recently discovered (opens in new tab) that a passé version of the Shein Android mobile app accessed users’ clipboard activity. In other words, whenever a user would copy content before pasting it, the Shein app periodically read it.

Shein’s Android app in the Google Play Store has attracted more than 100 million downloads. Even if the shopping platform had no ill intent behind its espionage, this behavior is alarming enough to make us wonder which other apps are surreptitiously spying on us.

Shein app caught spying on users’ copy-and-paste activity

As mentioned, the Shein app was caught red handed spying on users’ copy-and-paste activity, but to make matters worse, if the contents met a specific criterion, they would be sent to a remote server.

Shein call chain

Microsoft’s visual of the Shein app call chain (Image credit: Microsoft)

“While we are not specifically aware of any malicious intent behind the behavior, we assessed that this behavior was not necessary for users to perform tasks on the app,” Microsoft said.