Instax Mini 12 vs Instax Mini 11: What’s new? Reviews

Fujifilm recently announced the Instax Mini 12, the latest update to its most fun and bubbly instant camera line. But, what’s new on the Instax Mini 12 and how does the camera compare to its predecessor, the Instax Mini 11? 

We’ve broken down all the key differences between the two instant cameras when it comes to important aspects such as the design, features, controls and apps. 

The Instax Mini 12 has a more bubbly design 

Fujifilm has subtly updated the design of the Instax Mini 12. 

The camera has a more uniform rectangular shape as opposed to the bulging grip that sat on the side of the Instax Mini 11. The back of the Instax Mini 12 (where the film goes) also appears more fluid and bubbly, matching the front of the camera. 

There’s a more defined indent where the viewfinder sits and the shutter button has a more tactile design with a thick border around its edge. The Instax logo has shifted further to the right of the camera and the power indicator has dropped to fit more snugly into the base of the lens. 

Instax Mini 12 all colours
Instax Mini 12

The Instax Mini 12 has an updated Close-Up Mode 

The Close-Up (or Selfie mode) has also been given an update for 2023. 

The feature can still be accessed with a twist of the lens but it has a new name. It also now benefits from the new Parallax Correction feature, which aligns the viewfinder with the lens to reduce object shift. This means your selfies should appear better aligned. 

The Instax Mini 12 has a new power switch 

Fujifilm has completely done away with the power switch to the right of the lens on the Instax Mini 11. 

Now, turning the camera on is as easy as twisting the lens to the right. The first click indicates that the camera is powered on, while the second activates the Close-Up mode. You can also tell which setting you’re in by aligning the text on the lens with the indicator light directly above it. 

Instax Mini 11 all colours
Instax Mini 11

The Instax Mini 12 comes with a new app 

As with many Instax cameras and printers, the Instax Mini 12 comes with its own smartphone app. 

In this case, the camera marks the launch of the Instax Up! app, a storage service for your Instax snaps. The app includes a scanning feature, which lets you capture your prints without glare, a corkboard to pin and organise them on, the ability to import photos from other Instax apps and the option to share photos on social media or via text.