How to remove back buttons on the DualSense Edge Reviews

If you’re interested in customising your DualSense Edge but you’re unsure where to start, here is our guide on removing the back buttons.

The DualSense Edge is one of the most customisable controllers ever developed by Sony, coming with a plethora of new features. But setting up your DualSense Edge controller can be a little tricky, especially when you’re adding on or taking away physical buttons.

Thankfully, we have more than enough experience with the DualSense Edge to point you in the right direction. If you’re interested in learning how to remove and swap out the DualSense Edge back buttons, make sure you keep reading, as we’re going to be running through it in just a few simple steps. 

What you’ll need: 

The Short Version 

  • Flip your controller around
  • Gently pull on the back button
  • Slide it out of the port
  1. Step

    Flip your controller around

    You will need to flip your controller around to start the process since the buttons are on the back. Back of the DualSense Edge controller

  2. Step

    Gently pull on the back button

    Grip the back button between two fingers and gently start to pull it away from the controller. From our experience, pulling the button upwards and towards the edge of the controller works best.

    Since they are attached magnetically, you will feel a little resistance as you pull, but it should not feel like you are damaging the controller in the process. You may find that removing the dome and lever feels different, and we recommend holding onto the edge of the lever button to correctly remove it. Pulling gently on the DualSense Edge

  3. Step

    Slide it out of the port

    Once the button has disconnected from the port, you can slide it away from the controller.Removal of the back buttons


How many back buttons does the DualSense Edge come with?

The DualSense Edge comes with two pairs of back buttons, in a dome and lever shape. They can be used in pairs or you can mix and match to see which setup works best for you.