Google Pixel Fold spotted out and about in New York Reviews

The Google Pixel Fold may have just been spotted out and about in New York, in a further sign that a launch is imminent.

Over on Reddit, one sneaky New Yorker has posted surreptitious snaps of a mystery device being used on a train. The claim is that this is Google’s forthcoming foldable debut, the Pixel Fold.

The pictures are rather blurry and not especially revealing in themselves, but a few things do tally as true. For one thing, the dimensions of the device appear to match that of all the Pixel Fold information we’ve received through leaks and rumours.

We’re expecting a much wider, less square device than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, and that’s precisely what this is.

The person who spotted the alleged Pixel Fold claims that the phone is “dark blue, black” in colour, and that it has “super thin” bezels. “I am surprised at how thin the phone is,” they add.

Also, one of the reasons we don’t get a better view is that the device is being cradled rather over-protectively by the user. Suspiciously so, you might say. “The camera bump on the back gave it away and he was trying so hard to hide the camera bump” says the poster. Recent Pixel generations are known for their distinctive width-spanning camera ‘visor’.

What’s more, said shifty user apparently got onboard the New York train at 14th street, which happens to be where Google has its big New York office.

Google recently announced that it would be holding its big Google I/O event on May 10, around two months from today. The Google Pixel Fold is tipped to feature strongly.