Give your PS5 or PC a 2TB boost with this amazing SSD deal Reviews

It could be the perfect time to finally upgrade your PS5 storage, now that this WD_Black SSD is on sale.

We’ve found an incredible deal on the WD_Black SSD gaming card. Amazon has slashed the price down from £303.99 to just £166.01, making this the perfect excuse for you to upgrade your PS5 or PC storage without breaking the bank. 

The 2TB model costs £166.01, but you could always treat yourself to the 1TB or 4TB memory card instead. However, in terms of discount, you’re actually getting the best price with the 2TB model, at 35%, making this a deal you won’t want to miss out on. 

This SSD features supremely fast data transfer speeds at up to 7300MB/s. This will allow for much faster loading speeds when booting up a game, as well as extremely low latency that can load up graphics with minimal stutter and lag, for a smooth and streamlined gaming experience. 

This WD_Black Gaming SSD just saw a 45% price slash

This WD_Black Gaming SSD just saw a 45% price slash

Upgrade your PC or PS5 with this fantastic SSD deal from Amazon.

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  • Save 45%
  • Now only £166.01

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Moreover, 2TB of storage will give you the chance to play even more games. Whether you’re using it with a PC or a PS5, 2TB will give you access to play more games, as well as save more screenshots and video content. This is especially relevant on the PS5, since the default hard drive features less than 1TB of storage, which is nowhere near enough for those that want to get on in all the latest AAA games.

It is worth mentioning that this deal does not include a heatsink, which is required for use with a PS5. But Amazon is offering a heatsink bundle for just £179.99 too – just click the ‘Heatsink’ tab on the Amazon listing to locate.

As you can see from the Keepa screenshot below, the WD_Black SSD has not seen a discount like this in a very long time. We don’t imagine that this discount will last too much longer, so you may want to jump on this deal now before it’s too late. 

WD Black SSD Keepa
WD_Black SSD Keepa Screenshot