This is our disclaimer page. You can find here more important information about us. What are we doing? How do we do it? How we demonstrate the price of any Official and Unofficial mobile and gadgets. First of all, you need to be patient, because this page is going too big and long. So let’s start read.

How do we update the price?

We collect the prices from the official website. If you find out any mistake, then we will be glad, if you can tell us about the mistake by submitting a form that we gave you on the contact us page. technologytimesbd.com usually shows the official price when a product is available worldwide officially. Moreover, the prices and status of different devices change. We try to update the information as soon as we receive it. But we do not guarantee that all the devices on our site are available at the same price at this moment and that their status is correct.


We also do not guarantee that the specifications are 100% accurate. Most of the specs collected from the official sites of each brand and some other trusted sources. However, there is always the possibility of making mistakes by both parties during manual data entry or any other reasons. Sometimes, we collect the specifications of the phone or gadgets from other top-rated technology based websites. We describe the full specifications of any mobiles or device. We want to make sure the customer’s satisfaction. For this reason, we built our website in a user-friendly way. In case, the users can easily find everything in a second.

Reviews and Rating

We always gave the rating based on the mobiles or gadgets specifications. You could think, we used this device and then review it. But I must say, it is wrong. We see the specifications first and then our writers were given the rating manually in his point of view. The ratings and reviews of individual products subjected to the research, knowledge, understanding, opinion, and experience of the writer. They are mostly based on the general understanding of the specifications, market trends, pricing, and user feedback. You can contact us by mail.

How to buy the phones from us?

We do not sell any phone or gadgets directly. But we use our affiliate link on this website. You can buy through our affiliate links. However, we do not guarantee that the pricing of our site and the pricing of the shops will be the same. Also, every shop is responsible for its own products, warranty, delivery, and so on. We do not have a partnership with any shop or brand as the purpose of bdskills.xyz is to remain a neutral, independent mobile phone, gadgets info-based website. Thanks to visit the disclaimer page.