Best Tumble Dryers 2023: Efficient drying for all clothes Reviews

Hotpoint NT M11 9X3E UK

The best mid-range tumble dryer


  • Cheap to run
  • Good value
  • Large capacity


  • Sensor drying doesn’t cut off as early as on competitor machines

It’s not the most exciting tumble dryer nor is it packed with the most technology, but the 9kg Hotpoint NT M11 9X3E UK does get all of the basics right, and it has some of the lowest running costs that we have seen.

As with most of Hotpoint’s products, this tumble dryer is controlled via the dial on the front. There are programmes for the most common clothing items, plus modes for cuddly toys, silk and wool items, among others. Although it can be set to run for a specific amount of time, the Hotpoint NT M11 9X3E UK is best used with its sensor drying, stopping when it detects clothing is sufficiently dry. This machine doesn’t have the fancy anti-tangle or automatic filter cleaning modes of the more expensive models.

Testing our standard 5kg (dry) wash load, a cupboard dry run costs around 27p, which is very efficient. We measured that 100% of the water had been removed, which is a touch too much: tumble dryers with more sensitivity tend to stop a bit earlier.

Hanging dry may be a better option: this cost 18p for the cycle, and our clothes had 98.42% of the water removed from them.

For smaller loads, there’s a daily option that takes up to 2kg of clothes. This cost 16p to run, so shows that tumble dyers are far more efficient when used with larger loads.

Overall, running costs are so good, that if you just want a straight-forward tumble-dryer for daily use, this is the one to buy.

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Reviewer: David Ludlow