Best Home Warranty Companies in 2023

Best Home Warranty Companies in 2023

Best Home Warranty Companies in 2023

Having to fix all of your home’s appliances and systems can be one of the worst parts of being a homeowner. Working with a home warranty company can make it easier to pay for repairs or even to replace broken things.

Below, we’ll look at the Best Home Warranty Companies of 2023 and explain what a home warranty does and doesn’t cover, as well as how to choose the company that will best meet your needs.

Home Guard Liberty

Our pick for No. 1 Best Home Warranty Company of 2023 offers three different plans: one for systems only, one for appliances only, and one that covers both systems and appliances. You can buy these plans as they are or add more coverage from home protection plans to make them fit your needs.

Liberty Home Guard is different from most other home warranty companies because it does not limit the age of covered appliances and does not require a maintenance record or home inspection to get coverage. With Liberty Home Guard, you can also choose your own contractor. Every service also comes with a 60-day guarantee on how well it was done.

Home Warranty of Choice

Choice Home Warranty has two plans that offer coverage at an affordable price: the Basic Plan and the Total Plan. Appliances and home systems are covered by both of Choice’s home warranties. The Total Plan just gives you a few extra things, like coverage for your air conditioner, fridge, washer, and dryer.

Choice stands out in our rating because its service guarantees are longer than average: 60 days for parts and 90 days for labor. It is available in 48 states and Washington, D.C., and the service call fee is less than average.

Home Warranty from Landmark

Landmark has two coverage plans: the Home Systems Plan and the Total Plan. These plans are only available in six western states. Both cover service for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems as well as pest and termite control.

Even with Landmark’s cheapest plan, customers can choose extras like washing machines, dryers, and refrigerators, as well as pools, hot tubs, roofs, and even guest homes.

But neither plan covers damage caused by water. However, your homeowners insurance may be able to help you out financially. Our guide on Home Insurance vs. Home Warranties has more information on this.

U.S. Home Shield

American Home Shield has three different types of home warranties and three different options for service fees, which will change how much you pay each month. The company also offers coverage for pool spa systems, electronics, roof leaks, and well pumps and septic systems. A standard warranty plan can also cover guest houses that are less than 750 square feet.

The ShieldSilver plan covers electrical, heating, and plumbing systems. The ShieldGold plan covers your appliances as well as the systems in your home. So, this higher-end plan might be good for you if you want coverage for things like your washer and dryer, dishwasher, garbage disposal, oven, and washer and dryer. The ShieldPlatinum plan has the same coverage as ShieldGold, but it also covers roof leak repairs for underlayment, flashing, flat roofing, shingles, tiles, and shakes.

Choose a home warranty plan

Select Home Warranty’s three customizable home warranty plans are priced competitively. There is a plan that only covers home systems, a plan that only covers appliances, and a plan that covers both.

The top-tier Platinum plan is a full-coverage option that includes things like plumbing stoppage, garbage disposals, and ceiling fans that aren’t covered by the basic plans. Also, some plans from Select come with free roof coverage.

Select is available in all 50 states and does not require a home inspection or limit the age of the home or appliances that are covered. When people pay their premiums yearly, they get a big discount, and Select also has a 90-day guarantee on their work, which is double or triple what most companies offer.

Home Club AFC

AFC Home Club has plans that only cover appliances, plans that only cover systems, and two plans that cover both appliances and systems.

The service guarantee for AFC could be the longest of all the companies we looked at. The guarantee on both the parts and the work is good for the whole length of the contract.

If you need a technician to come out during the first half of your contract, that will be longer than the next longest guarantee. But if you call a technician near the end of your contract, the guarantee might not cover much.

The First American Home Warranty

First American offers two plans for home warranties. Most appliances and ceiling, exhaust, and attic fans are covered by the Basic plan. Most plans that cover systems also cover these fans, if they are covered at all. The Premier plan from First American covers both the systems and the appliances.

It has a 30-day labor guarantee, which is the most common and shortest labor guarantee we found among the companies we rated. First American can be found in more than half of the states.

Home Services in a Snap

Cinch Home Services has one of the longest guarantees on work, at 180 days, of any company we looked at. The only company that might beat it is AFC Home Club.

You can choose from three different plans with Cinch: Built-in Systems, Appliances, and Complete Home. It is also one of the few companies in our rating that covers items with pre-existing conditions, as long as those conditions weren’t known ahead of time. This could be helpful for new homeowners if the home inspection didn’t find a problem.

Home Security from Old Republic

Old Republic offers five different plans, and all of them cover home systems and appliances. It is also one of the few companies on our list that lets you choose your own contractors instead of having the warranty company choose one for you. This is a good choice if you already have technicians you trust, but if you don’t, you can still use one of the company’s technicians.

Old Republic is also the only company in our list that doesn’t take monthly payments.

Home warranty from ServicePlus

ServicePlus, which used to be called “Total Home Protection,” has two plans: the Gold plan and the Platinum plan. Both plans cover a mix of systems and appliances in the home. It comes with a 30-day guarantee on the work and a 90-day guarantee on the parts. It has a flat service call fee of $75, which is one of the lowest in our list. ServicePlus is available almost everywhere, but not in California or Nevada.

American Home Warranty

Home Warranty of America is available in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Customers can choose between the Premier plan and the Premier Plus plan. Both cover a variety of different systems and appliances. Its Premier plan may be the only one in our rating that covers both burglar and fire alarm systems.

You can also add coverage for SEER/R-410A changes to your HVAC system. This is a less common type of coverage that we rate.