Are the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s incredible Moon shots fake? We tested it ourselves Reviews

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in white with cameras facing towards the viewer and an image of the night sky captured on the Galaxy S23 Ultra behind it.

Samsung’s Space Zoom is once again under fire with accusations that the company is “faking” photos of the moon captured by the Galaxy S23 Ultra. This is nothing new, Space Zoom debuted on the Galaxy S20 Ultra in 2020 and the eye-popping 100x zoom that produces crystal clear images of the moon on par with (or better than) far more expensive telescopes or cameras was immediately called into question. 

The most recent round of controversy started on Reddit, with a post by user “ibreakphotos” seeking to demonstrate that Samsung’s software is applying details to these moon shots that are not present at the time of capture. As I enjoy mobile astrophotography, I wanted to take a closer look at these new claims and clear up some of the confusion around it.

That’s no moon (shot)