Apple’s mixed reality headset may drop by June, but will likely flop — here’s why Reviews

Screencap of Craig Federighi from WWDC 2022 overlayed with Apple mixed reality headset concept by Antonia De Rosa

Apple’s mixed-reality headset has been in the works since 2015, according to Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and the head-mounted display has faced delays and setbacks for the past eight years. Now, Tim Cook is reportedly finally putting his foot down and demanding that the mixed-reality headset launch this year, as per Financial Times.

However, the design team behind the avant-garde goggles warned the big wigs that they should be patient and wait for a more refined version of the AR glasses. Cook isn’t having it, though. He allegedly wants that headset out by June — yes, this June.

The mixed-reality headset likely isn’t ready — will it flop?